Now Combine Your Own Fly Box with the Simplicity of a Lanyard!


Lanyards are an ideal method to help keep your fly fishing experience simple. You choose the essential gear you need for that day of fishing, and you attach it all to a lanyard that hangs around your neck. Everything is held in place and is conveniently accessible when you need it. This minimalist approach eliminates vests, storage bags, etc.

The big drawback to most lanyard designs is that there really is no room for your regular fly box. You can hang a tiny fly box from a lanyard clip, but the storage space is very limited and access can be challenging.

Our Fly Box Lanyard is designed with a hand-made reinforced canvas pouch that serves as the central hub for six metal clips to attach your gear plus a unique bungee corded system to secure and hold your favorite fly box. With a durable, adjustable neck strap, our Fly Box Lanyard sits conveniently on your chest and is held in place with an alligator clip that can attach to your waders or clothing so it doesn’t dangle loosely when you bend or twist. There is also a storage pocket built into the back side of the pouch for tippet spools, leader set ups, etc.

Simply load it up attach your favorite fly box, secure it with the strong elastic bungee cord, lock it in place, and head for your favorite spot ready to fish!


Product Specs:

    • Hand-made from tough 1000 denier canvas and metal grommets
    • Stiff corrugated plastic insert panel provides stability and support
    • Lanyard Pouch Approx. Dimensions: 9″ w x 7″ t
    • Storage pocket @ 7″ w x 5 1/2″ d
    • Six strong metal clips for your gear
    • Metal alligator security clip to prevent pouch from dangling free
    • Fly Box holder features rugged nylon band and 1/8″ diam. bungee cord with sliding plastic lock to make it easy to remove and replace when changing flies.


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Please Note:

You are purchasing the Fly Box Lanyard base only to serve as a foundation for your own fishing gear. Nothing else shown in the photos is included in your purchase.